About Us

McDonald Cabinetry is approaching two decades of serving our valued customers! We can best be described as a high-end custom cabinet designer and manufacturer. We are proud to say we have enjoyed being the producer of many award winning cabinetry projects over the past several years. Come see for yourself why so many homeowners are getting in line to experience the McDonald Cabinetry difference.

For those who are on tighter budgets we are here for you as well and are eager to have you join the McDonald Cabinetry family of clients! We have a wide array of stock cabinet brands and options, as well as our own Custom Express Series. You are sure to find what you need.

Why McDonald Cabinetry?


It is not difficult to rise to the top of an industry riddled with scams, cons, and poor quality when you determine to operate with integrity. We do not have an advertising budget; not because we cannot afford one, but because we do not need to out-spend a poor reputation.


This term has not lost it’s meaning at McDonald Cabinetry. We understand that true quality is something that takes place when the customer is not looking. And our custom cabinetry is built with only the finest materials and craftsmanship.

Customer Service

If you are not happy, we are not happy. Bottom Line. We also enjoy the fact that our service to customers gradually develops into life-long friendships.


Ever wonder where you get those elegant and high end finishes you see in all the major home magazines, Houzz or Pinterest? You can get them at McDonald Cabinetry. In addition to using the top finish products on the market today, our finish specialists are some of the area’s finest and most creative.

Cabinet Design

All cabinet companies offer cabinetry, but few offer design. A person could be equipped with all the same paint and brushes as Picaso but could they apply the colors, strokes, and vision to create one of his pieces of art? McDonald Cabinetry offers award-winning design matched by few.


McDonald Cabinetry may offer more options in cabinetry than any other company in the State of Tennessee. From builders’s grade stock cabinets to our Signature Custom cabinets (and everything in between) there is something for you and your budget.

Client Testimonials

Absolutely Breathtaking!

“I was honored to have McDonald Cabinetry in my home. Their knowledge, professionalism, and craftsmanship proved to be the most exciting part of my construction. The custom finishes were absolutely breathtaking!”

Rita J.


My husband and I thought we were going to have to go to New York to find the cabinets we were set on having when we came across McDonald Cabinetry. Wow! New York could only hope to have a custom design and finishes we received. The character and personalities within the company from the owners to the gentleman who installed our cabinets was simply extraordinary.”

Raymond & Gayle D.

Beautiful Work

"Outstanding service. Beautiful work. My new friends exceeded my greatest hopes.”

Blaine W.


“I literally wept when I walked into my new home and saw my cabinets for the first time. They were stunning!”

Sandra G.